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About Us

Hi, we are Denise and David, and we are happy that you found us.

We are living in the beautiful south east of Ireland, Tara Hill, County Wexford to be exact. We purchased and renovated our home a number of years ago and struggled to find interiors that represented us without costing another mortgage!!

We searched, researched and struggled to find unique, affordable, forever pieces for our own home. Over the years of our build we decided to bring our interior discovery's together to create FeathersHome Interiors. We ultimately created Feathers Home Interiors to bring our vision of home to you our customers.

We feel that each home is unique to it's owners and it is important to make sure your home represents you. We know that home is not just a place it is a feeling, in fact a lot of feelings and memories.

We hope that we can help you on your journey to build your forever home, a place that represents you and all that matters to you, a place to hold your adventures, memories and all the curiosities you gather along the way.

Thank you for checking us out and if we can help in any way please contact us

Denise & David

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Our Mission is to provide high quality individual pieces for your home.


We at Feathers Home believe, home is not a place, its a feeling. We aim to help our customers personalise their space to reflect who they are and how home feels to them

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